Wow What a Summer!

While some of you are enjoying your Summer and taking time off I have been busier than ever! I created my new website: RomanoHealthCoaching and had to really push myself to get this task done. I followed four key strategies to get this accomplished my mid-Summer.

1. Prioritize. I moved this task to the top of my to-do list and would not let up until it was done. It uncluded less time off for my golf game and visits to the lake but the site is up and running.

2. Organize. It forced me to clean out my office and clean up my work life. I had to decide on two main areas to focus on which includes health coaching and nutrition consults. The coaching is virtual and a new addition to my business in 2009!

3. Get Social. I needed a site with connections. Yes, connections to the social world. I moved from a stagnant site to a more fluid and dynamic one. I plan to connect more in new ways.

4. Face Fear and Move Forward. So often I procrastinate when something is not familiar and comfortable. I need to be in a place of “uncomfortable” to learn and grow and with this project I just kept moving forward no matter how uncomfortable I got – and viola I have a finished site.

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