Client/Patient Testimonials

“Your Insights & Clinical Input were Enlightening and Quite Helpful”
“Saw you about a year ago for counseling regarding my high blood sugar. They wanted to put me on pills, but I opted for trying a dietary change first. Your insights and clinical input were enlightening and quite helpful. At first, making the changes were a bit difficult but with the help of a little carb counter book watching my diet quickly became second nature to me, and my blood sugar is now close to normal which is good. It was easy to make the changes and I’m glad I did. Now my wife is also becoming more mindful about what she eats. Thanks again!”

~Paul S., Albany, NY

Working With Marianne Made the Difference!
“My physician could not believe my results! I tried other programs for weight loss with limited success. I feel Marianne made the difference since she was so easy to talk to and personalized everything to fit my needs. I had improvements in lab values and avoided taking one medication for blood glucose control and my physician was able to significantly reduce my blood pressure medication. I feel good “on the inside” and look great and am so thankful to have found Marianne. I truly enjoyed working with her!”

~Trish, Colonie, NY

Dedicated & Committed!
“Over the course of 12 months I truly enjoyed working with Marianne. She guided me with information, support and inspiration to help me meet my goals. I created a healthier weight and carved a path of better health for my family. I highly recommend Marianne’s services since she is dedicated and committed to helping you create optimal health.”

~Michelle M. – Voorheesville, NY

Lost over 70 lbs. – Entire Family got Healthy!
“Marianne helped me to lose over 70 lbs. and in the process my entire family got healthy. My husband lost 13 lbs., my daughter 20 lbs., and my son lost 38 lbs. My healthy behaviors were contagious and Marianne’s guidance was the key to my success! She is great to work with!”

~BillieJo – Ravena, NY

Invaluable gluten free diet education
“Marianne’s services help me to turn my life around. Learning about the gluten free diet including shopping for gluten free foods in the supermarket has been invaluable. Marianne has exceptional knowledge and is very supportive. I highly recommend her services.”

~ Mikie Eady, Business Owner, Schenectady, New York

Maintained 90 pounds weight loss
“With Marianne’s guidance, I have lost 90 pounds and more importantly have maintained the weight loss for over 2 years. Marianne not only coached me through the weight loss but she has helped me achieve a healthy life style. With her support, I am a happier, healthier person. I highly recommend Marianne’s coaching services, she is knowledgeable and inspiring.”

~ Donna B, Watervliet, NY

Lost 100 pounds in 7 months
“Thanks to Marianne Romano’s expertise and support, I have lost 100 pounds in seven months! My doctor is thrilled with my weight loss and it probably has added at least 10 years to my life. My wife (whom Marianne also guided) tells me that I have such a slimmer appearance now! I get many compliments from my colleagues, friends and family members. Marianne’s role in assisting me achieve this personal victory was crucial and I sincerely thank her. Now, if she only would help me with the cost of all the new clothes that I have to buy!”

~ Tony C., Guilderland, New York

Lost 70 pounds in 10 months.
before-after“It was wonderful working with Marianne. She helped me lose 70 pounds in 10 months. My cholesterol dropped from 224 to 172. Blood pressure improved from 124/84 to 110/70 and my pulse is now 52. Of course my knees and back feel much better without the extra weight. My physician is so pleased with my results.”

~ Richard G. Albany, NY

Improved heart health without medication
“Thank you for your care and support. I had my annual check-up with my physician assistant and she was delighted with my weight loss of 65 lbs. My cholesterol is 166 and blood pressure 120/70. All without medication! I can never thank you enough for introducing me to this program. It has truly saved my life. You have been a wonderful and caring coach and I wish you many blessings in your work.”

~ Pat G, New York

Improved Health with Celiac Disease
“I had appointments with you in your office and supermarket concerning food  intake and Celiac disease. Your guidance and assistance have greatly helped my wife and I modify my diet. We have noticed definite improvements in my health. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.”

~ Jim & Nancy Kirby, New York

Dramatic Results Working with Marianne
“It was such a pleasure working with Marianne on my optimal health journey. She guided me every step of the way. I had dramatic results with both my weight loss and improved lab values. Overall I lost 44 lbs. and decreased my blood pressure medication by one-half. My overall cholesterol value went from 329 to 207. My LDL’s went from 212 to 138 and my triglycerides dropped to 98 from 385. I look and feel terrific and have a new lease on life. I highly recommend Marianne’s services.”

~Barb Oullette, Green Island, New York

Instrumental Force in My Path to Improved Health
“Marianne is an outstanding nutritionist & health coach and was an instrumental force in my path to improved health. She was a guiding force and offered expert guidance & coaching in a practical realistic way. I have more energy and stamina, improved my body weight and learned how to enjoy food while getting healthy. She is my “go-to” gal for health, food & nutrition services and I want others to know how wonderful she is to work with.”

~Debra, Albany, New York

Company & Corporate Testimonials

Gluten free expo at Crossgates Mall , Albany, NY

Gluten free expo at Crossgates Mall , Albany, NY

Meaningful & applicable lessons
“Marianne’s knowledge and experience as a nutritionist and health specialist are surpassed only be her creativity as she makes it fun and easy to make her lessons meaningful and applicable in our daily lives. Clearly, her enthusiasm is a testament to her commitment to helping others make healthier lifestyle changes.”

~ Barbara Hess, Chief Administrative officer, SEFCU, New York

Sessions tailored to meet specific needs
“Marianne’s nutritional presentations are top-notch. Her knowledge and expertise coupled with her delivery helps my Boot Camp Challenge clients to understand and implement healthy eating habits. Marianne tailors her sessions toward the specific needs of my groups and is willing to take the time to answer individual questions to truly help my clients to make positive changes. I highly recommend Marianne’s service to any individual or group out there wanting to get the “real” fact on healthy eating.”

~ Melissa Grattan, Owner/Operator, Make It Fit, LLC, Upstate New York Boot Camp Challenge

Community Group Testimonial

Excellent job sharing information on celiac disease
“You did an excellent job sharing information pertaining to nutrition and celiac disease. Although it’s difficult to speak to such a diverse group you were able to address needs at both ends of the spectrum. People were comfortable and asked questions throughout the presentation. I believe everyone learned something from you. I know I did!”

~ Jean Mclellan, President, Glens Falls Celiac Support Group

Enhanced Skill Set & Expertise
“I wanted to thank you for participating in the program on July 27th 2012 for the girls of the Eureka Program. Your skill set and expertise added greatly to the day. Your talent and commitment to the community have touched the lives of 30 eighth graders. “

Thanks again!
Casey Ferguson

~ Casey S Ferguson, Manager of Workforce Development, SEFCU – State Employees Federal Credit Union

Physician Testimonial

Empowers people to create health in their lives
“Marianne is the consummate professional. As a Certified Health Coach Marianne teaches and empowers people to create health in their lives. She has great knowledge, skill and compassion and as an accomplished Registered Dietitian has great experience guiding people down the road to optimal health.”

~ Mark Nelson MD, MPH, FACC, Cardiologist, Troy, New York

Accurate information with compassion & care
“Marianne Romano is an outstanding nutritionist and health coach. As a physician in private practice I trust her to provide accurate information with compassion and care enabling others to optimal health.”

~ Elizabeth Gath, MD, Internist – Albany, New York

Health Coach Mentor Testimonial

Informative, honest & professional

“As my health coach mentor Marianne has been informative, honest and professional. She respects others and does not push them to do things her way; rather informs and guides in a gentle manner.  I am very pleased working with Marianne and would recommend her to others.”

~Janet Blum, Certified Health Coach & Nutritionist, Asbury Park, New Jersey