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Time for the New- Out With the Old!

photo (3)Spring is almost here! It’s a time for rebirth and new growth. What new things are you growing in your life that will re-ignite your passion & energy? It is now time for that seasonal reboot. Take an internal inventory. Are you meeting your health goals, did you sign up for that new class, are you planning that vacation you have always wanted? It is time for those new projects & goals to take root. As you plan the NEW things remember to get rid of some of the “old” patterns or projects in your life. Your passion will be ignited and you will soar to a new height by reaching for something “new” this Spring

Creating Balance

Research indicates that many of us establish new goals or resolutions for the New Year but don’t get to starting those goals until months later (March or April). Instead of New Year’s resolutions I propose we seek balance in our lives. In creating balance we focus on feeding out bodies, mind and spirit. Read more…