Refine Questions & Answers

Q: What is the difference with an online program vs. the other one on one session you offer?

  1. My online coaching programs are some of the most comprehensive programs that I offer. This program also includes two – 1 on 1 sessions with me as well as daily motivational and inspirational emails, recipes, menu ideas, dining strategies, exercise guidance & more. I believe clients need support, engagement, inspiration and motivation to reach their goals. Daily e-mails and accountability will help with this. The online program keeps you focused and reminds you WHAT you are working towards and WHY you want to create optimal health. Making choices is important and this program provides the structure to make the right choice. This program is comprehensive, convenient & confidential and can be experienced in the privacy of your home or office! This facilitates more time to do “what you love” with “those you love!”

Q: What technology or equipment is required to participate in this program?

A: This online program is available using:

  • Face Time
  • Skype
  • Smartphone
  • Meeting in my Albany, NY Office (if local) for “one to one” sessions

Remember, this is about making choices that work for you!

Q: What are tele-seminars and how do I attend?

A: You attend the tele-seminars by phone. I provide you with a call in number and access pin and you listen to the call. At the end of the call there is time for questions. You can share your name or remain completely confidential on the call- it’s your choice. Tele-seminars are information packed sessions that cover the content presented in your daily emails in an intensive phone format each week. The topics vary so you will have 10 weeks of teleseminars (one each week) on the different topics covered in the program. All of these calls are recorded so if you cannot make the weekly call time a recording of the call will be available for you!

Q: What if I don’t like this program?

  1. One thing I have learned is that there will be different strokes for different folks…and that is OKAY! I want people invested in my program who see and feel the value of working together through an online virtual medium. But I also know this program may not be for everyone.  If after a 2 week period you decide my style and approach just doesn’t work for you – you can convert the remaining 8 weeks into a one hour virtual nutrition session with me. This way you can leave the program with the foundations for creating optimal health! And of course I hope you stay on my healthy tips e-newsletter list!

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