Gluten Free Concession at the Ballpark

Gluten Free Concession Stand at Ballpark

Thanks to Aramark Food Corp. I was able to enjoy gluten free foods at the Coors Stadium in Denver last week. I have been to a number of stadiums for ball games around the country and this was the first time I noticed a gluten free concenssion stand. For those of us with Celiac disease or gluten intolerance eating at the ballpark can sometimes be a challenge.

Not this time, I was able to enjoy a grilled chicken sandwich on a Udi’s gluten free (GF) roll. Udi’s manufacturers gluten free products in the state of Colorado and has great bread, rolls and cookies just to name a few. The concession stand also had brownies, cookies, hot dogs, burgers, chips and beer – all identified as GF. The Bard’s GF beer was made from sorghum grain which is a cereal grain that grows in hot, semi arid tropical and dry climates. I hope more stadium’s take note and add gluten free concessions stands for those of us in need. Go Rockies!