Creating Balance

Research indicates that many of us establish new goals or resolutions for the New Year but don’t get to starting those goals until months later (March or April). Instead of New Year’s resolutions I propose we seek balance in our lives. In creating balance we focus on feeding out bodies, mind and spirit.

Feeding our bodies (and caring for ourselves) includes selecting healthy foods and establishing an exercise or movement routine. Extra movement in our day can serve more than one purpose since walking in a beautiful place can also feed your mind and spirit.

Feeding out mind may involve reading a new book that excites us or learning a new skill like knitting, gardening or bridge. Using our mind in new ways keeps it sharp and energiized and allows up to be engaged in the present moment – rather than being caught up in the past or future obligations. My yoga instructor always says – “I am here. I am now.”

Feeding our spirit is also important. I gravitate towards nature and outside activities to feed my spirit and that includes skiing down a ski slope, hiking in the woods or getting lost in my garden. As you can imagine these types of activities also feed my mind and body! For others it may include getting togehter with good friends for a good time (and laughter) or even listening to music. Lastly, practicing gratefulness allows me to appreciate the abundance in my life and my connection to spirit.

Taking small steps to feed your body, mind and spirtit does not have to be hard or time consuming. Doing activities you enjoy can feed all of you and your connection to your “sense of self.” Skiing with my son last week in beautiful Colorado invigorated me and open pathways to love and light in my life! Wishing you a balanced life!7