How to Become a Health Coach

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Outstanding nutritionist and health coach
“Marianne is an outstanding nutritionist and health coach. As a physician in private practice I trust her to provide accurate information with compassion and care enabling others to optimal health.”

    ~ Elizabeth Gath, MD, Internist – Albany, New York

Valuable Guidance & Support
“Marianne is truly a professional on a mission to get America healthy! As my health coach mentor for the past year her guidance and support have been so valuable in helping me achieve “executive director” every month for the year. She has always been there with her expertise to answer questions and share her experience. I am proud to be on her team.”

~ Janice Pastizzo, Business Owner – Fit for Life, New York

Marianne mentors others that want to
become a Health Coach

About the Program

Safe     Gets Lasting Results     Nutrient-Rich

  • Safe: The system uses meal replacements as a tool to help people lose weight quickly and safely while teaching them healthy habits.
  • Results: Clients loose weight because in the beginning they do not have to make decisions about what foods to eat and the weight starts to come off. Over time they are taught how to make their own decisions to support their weight loss. Results are a new lifestyle they love improved health and pounds lost.
  • Nutrition-Rich: The meal replacements are rich in vitamins and minerals, low in sodium, high in fiber and have been used by many health care professionals (and have been used by doctors since 1980).
  • Real foods may be eaten along with the meal replacements. This meal is called the “lean and green.”
  • Support: Clients receive coaching support through phone calls and emails and you help and support them in their weight loss effort. The on-going health coach support and program materials reinforce lasting weight loss results.

About the Coaching

Easy     Flexible    All Inclusive

  • Easy: You decide your coaching schedule along with your clients. You do not need an office space to do this.
  • Part-time or full-time: You are an independent consultant so you drive this as much or as little as you like. You are your own boss.
  • Flexible: You decide along with your clients your work hours – when you will be coaching
  • Location: You can do this from your home or office. All you need is a phone and computer.
  • All Inclusive: Coach training & support provided – includes training materials, webinars, sample forms and products, support calls and resources. The entire program is already created.

How the Business Works?

Low Investment    Support    Help Others

  • Low Investment: Start-up costs are low. You receive training materials, sample products, webinar access, forms, brochures, and access to ongoing online and phone support.
  • Support: Access to a network of health professionals and opportunity to participate in leadership calls and support phone calls.
  • Compensation: You are paid for health coaching clients. Your compensation is a percentage of the monthly orders for clients on the program, calculated and paid weekly. Your clients do not pay you for your support as a Health Coach, the company does. Additional monthly bonuses will apply once you qualify for them.
  • Help Others: The work is satisfying because you are helping others and helping yourself!

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