3 Steps to SHAPE UP For Summer:

Any summer slim down plan will not only include a good nutrition plan but also a fitness regime. To maximize your workouts follow these 3 simple steps:

1.  Be consistent. Find the time of day that works for YOU and make your workout plan a priority! Schedule your workout in your day planner, with a friend, or for extra accountability and motivation with a trainer. Often times the hardest part of any workout routine is the simple act of just showing up. Show up, do the work and you will get results! read more...

2.  Participate in interval training. Interval training is one of the best ways to maximize your time for maximum results. Interval training includes short bouts of high intensity exercise followed by low intensity exercise. Alternating weights or strength bearing activities with cardiovascular exercise is an excellent way to get a total body workout!

3.  Push yourself. Whatever time you do have to devote to exercise make it count. Challenge yourself and push to your maximum potential (without causing injury or participating in dangerous activities). You can get an excellent total body workout in less than 30 minutes if you challenge yourself and maximize your efforts. When we push ourselves our body will respond with the positive changes you are working so hard to achieve!